Matto Pizza

Thinking outside of the box…

The pizza box, that is! OK, we’ll stop with the pizza puns – they’re way too cheesy!

MB  is a bit like a pizza. Take a base of a well-designed e-commerce website, add some professional photography, sprinkle some content and voila.

Matto Pizza in Edinburgh is about the art and craft of the true Neapolitan-style pizza. Like our content, their dough is made fresh every day, but unlike the delicious contents of a Matto Pizza, MB content is never cheesy.

Matto Pizza enlisted MB to help create and launch their brand. From designing the initial logo to creating the strapline of “not your normal pizza” we worked tirelessly to ensure that Matto got the start it deserved in the Capital.

The launch event was also organised by MB and was attended by local social media influencers helping spread the word that Matto, was here to stay.


Based in the heart of the Capital on Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square, MB Media is fast becoming one of Scotland’s hottest creative marketing agencies.