A complete rebrand on a well-established name is no easy means, however when Dofos Pet Store approached us to create their “Go-Green” eco-friendly rebrand, THERE WAS NO OTHER OPTION THAN to rise to the challenge!
If you know anything about Pet Stores, you’ll know that Dofos is highly regarded as the place for Pets in the Capital. You can therefore understand why we felt a sudden rush of excitement through the office when word first broke at the prospect of working with the brand.   What would we do? How could we ensure the existing brand retained its identity? How many dogs would we get to work with? Are there cats involved…!? But seriously, how could we bring the existing brand forward to fit with the new eco-friendly vision shared by business owners Craig and Ross. Following an initial design brief and visit to the new store (which was still in the process of refurbishment), the team sat down to brainstorm their ideas and get the creative juices flowing! Meanwhile, Barrie was considering making the guys an offer to take over their space as our new office, he loved it that much…!  Wouldn’t be like him to digress! Anyway, back to the objective and task in hand – create an identity for Dofos exclusive eco-friendly Stockbridge store without straying too far away from the much loved and well-established Dofos name which has been in the eyes of Edinburgh pet lovers since 1953, easy right?

The team discussed colours, push words, shopfront designs, eye-catching posters and pets, pets, and more pets!  Quickly excitement turns into pressure!  This needs to be right, we’re working with a hugely popular brand here. 

Incorporating the eco-friendly “vibe” our design team finalised the bright colours and clean, but impactful typography.  Viola! Green was now the new Red!  Buzz words were finalised and a few one-liners established, which the team had a lot of fun coming up with, “FELINE GREEN, REDUCE CARBON PAWPRINTS” (good huh?!).

You see anything is pawsible when you work with MB Media!! Wow, too far? sorry!! Moving on… The rebrand was now taking shape. All we needed now were some feline friends to model and bring the brand to life!
Once we were happy with the new look, our head designer Darren met with the Dofos team who thankfully, loved it. Quickly our designs became a reality, the signage was installed, posters printed and the social strategy activated.  The launch weekend for Dofos at Stockbridge was a huge success.  The guys had achieved their vision for their brand.  I think we can all agree that anyone who has been a wander down the Stockbridge area lately, will have made comment on their stand-out store.  It really does make a statement in the area and fits in nicely with the community spirit.    Rudi our MB furball has enjoyed many trips in-store along with thousands of others rabbit ear, pigs nose loving pooches! If you’ve not been already, head down to see all the weird and wonderful treats the team has to offer! We can assure you that your feline friend will be in heaven! We wish the guys every success in their new venture and enjoy a continued partnership with the Dofos brand.

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