Where do we even start with Gigi’s. A year-long partnership that has gone from strength to strength. A marketing strategy that started on social and developed into a whole lot more.

As with any story, it’s probably best to go back to the start. Having already worked with another restaurant in the family (The Main Course Gullane incase your interested), we had our sight set on a potential partnership for quite some time. A hard egg to crack maybe, but for anyone that understands and knows our Managing Director Barrie, once theres an idea in his head it’s hard for it to pass (a bit like a dog with a bone). This is why he couldn’t give up the hope of eventually cracking that egg and convincing restaurant owner Luigi Pia to work with us here at MB Media (we are unsure to this day how he managed it but here we are).

So the contract was signed and off we went! We were determined to showcase exactly what MB was able to do to help change the way the brand was managed in a digital capacity. The first and most important part of our plan was the FOOD (If you know Gigi’s you’ll fully understand the thought process). However, what Luigi hadn’t let on is that he was holding back a little plan of his own, a plan that would completely transform the already hugely popular restaurant forever (for the better may we add). The restaurant was about to undergo a complete refurbishment, one that would include a new extension to the business – a brand new and exciting cocktail bar (imagine George Street Edinburgh) only this time in the heart of Bonnyrigg Midlothian.

With a pinch of imagination and determination to bring to life a campaign that would amaze – Gigi’s Delivered was created, and WOW, it was a success!  Becoming a firm favourite treat, during the most uncertain of times, providing that little dose of normality we all quickly began to long for their tasty daiquiris! The endless list of ingredients; from stickers, photography, menus and a new website, a digital message that packed a punch was created, proving to be a hit with the customers! 

With an extensive refurbishment underway and Gigi’s Delivered keeping the business alive during a global pandemic, MB were working away in the background to create an exciting new brand and relaunch.

During a very challenging period where nothing was certain, government guidelines continuously changing and timescales unknown (it was hard to keep up!!), it was probably one of the most difficult tasks we’ve been set


However, amidst all the chaos behind the scenes, magical things were happening.  Gigi’s was being completely transformed and with it, it’s brand. 


Fast forward to October 2020, Gigi’s now homed a brand-new Gatsby-like cocktail bar and outdoor area. We continue to work with and hold a very strong relationship with a brand that’s become more than just work, it feels like our own and one we are very proud to call our friends.


Treat yourself to a Gigi’s Delivered and be sure to include their now infamous strawberry daiquiri at