Meal Prep Never Looked So Good

There are some big players in the Edinburgh hospitality sector, so when Leandro Crolla from the Vittoria Group approached MB about his new business venture, the entire team stopped typing and started listening.  

Having struggled with his weight throughout lockdown (we know exactly how this feels, have you seen the number of biscuits we have in the MB office) Leandro decided to take control of his eating and alongside Chef Manu they concocted some healthy meals for Leandro to tuck into while negotiating his busy lifestyle and from this, Good Stuff Meal Prep was born.
The pair cooked up a menu of 16 dishes inspired from cuisines all over the world, with each meal under 600 calories. Having worked as a head chef in the hospitality industry for many years, Chef Manu was confident that he could provide the people of Edinburgh with healthy and fresh meals, that not only taste delicious but look fantastic too!
With the meals taste tested and agreed upon (it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it) next step was packaging and brand development; enter MB Media. The team were given a design brief from Leandro, he wanted his packaging to be fresh, clean and ‘Instagramable’ and we’re happy to say we delivered! Using an oceanic colour palette and a logo design from Leandro’s partner, the Good Stuff branding came alive, and everyone automatically felt we were on to a winner (not to toot our own horn but toot, toot!).
With packaging and branding signed off all that was left to do was launch. Now at MB Media we know how to throw a launch event, however this was our first virtual launch event (thanks COVID) and we knew we had to make a big viral impact. Working alongside Phil McHugh at Skapa PR we organised a Live Dinner Party event to launch Good Stuff into the Meal Prep arena. A whole host of press, food critics, food bloggers, influencers and health and nutrition professionals were given PR Samples including free meals to tuck into while they joined us via Zoom to learn all about Good Stuff. Dinner and a show, what more could you ask for?
It may have been online but it’s fair to say the viral launch was a success! But the launch week wasn’t going to end there. The MB team had been working very hard behind the scenes contacting a whole host of local influencers and health professionals to promote Good Stuff across all their social media channels to their tens of thousands of followers. We sent them free meals alongside key messages to use in their posts. Events such as this, show us all just how powerful social media is.
We’re very proud of the work we’ve achieved with Good Stuff Meal Prep and it’s only the very beginning of our journey with this incredible brand. For more information or to take a look at our ‘boujee’ packaging, visit