Maki & Ramen is regarded as one of Scotland’s most innovative hospitality brands, so it was no wonder there was a sense of excitement when the office heard that we had been in talks to work together. 

We started with being asked to shoot and create content to celebrate their 7th birthday at their new flagship restaurant in St.James Quarter, Edinburgh. 

A night of celebration, after all they had just hit another huge milestone in their business, it was important to capture the essence and feel for what the brand had achieved and wanted to deliver moving forward.

Following on from the partying and celebrations,we started to work together more to create eye-catching content for their social channels. When you’re working with Ramens & Sushi, it’s important that you showcase the beautiful colourings that these staple foods have. 

Moving forward six months, we were asked to put forward a pitch for the build and launch of an exciting new website for the business. That website is now live, displaying video content & showcasing all that Maki & Ramen has to offer. Here’s to more great projects and lots of delicious dishes of Ramen!