The world of mortgages

One thing we love about our jobs at MB Media is that no one day is the same. Our wide range of clients all work in completely different sectors, one minute we’re Plumbing and Heating engineers, the next Pizza Chefs and now Mortgage Advisors.

Our first step into the financial sector is with our clients Fraser & Reid. A service offering free impartial mortgage advice. The core aim of the service, finding the best product for their clients as opposed to the best product for the banks.

When we were first approached in late 2020, we were in the midst of a pandemic (ok we’re still in the midst of a pandemic). Now whilst many may have seen this as a roadblock, we seen it as a road to opportunity. With more people than ever before stuck at home, there only option when looking for a new home is online – this where we come in!
The first stage of the process is to create the brand identity. We devised a bold and bright colour scheme combined with professional typography to bring the brand in line with the sector it represents.

Arlene and David (Fraser & Reid) are the personal type, who have an eye for detail and very articulate in everything they do. It was therefore important to ensure that the brand and their message matched exactly that. A bit like ourselves, they just love people which made it even easier for us to understand how to proceed. Bold, Simple, Personable.

Once we had set up the brand, the next stage was the creation of a brand new website. A simple, straight to the point brochure site showcasing their full range of service and as always, a means of how to get intouch.


We look forward to keeping you updated with our plans for Fraser & Reid in 2021. In the meantime you can visit their website www.frmortgages.co.uk