Having been let down by another agency in June 2020, SLICE contacted MB to see whether we could help with the launch of their new shop at St John’s Road, Corstorphine. 

Following a short call with Barrie, the team were rounded up to carry out a photoshoot; design a brand concept; create a social media presence and launch a discounted pizza campaign…! Safe to say it was all hands on deck!!  Fast forward 48 hours and dare I say, mission accomplished!  New customers turned out in their masses, queuing out the door (socially distanced of course!) and additional phone lines were installed to keep up with the demand!  

That weekend Slice sold an astronomical amount of pizza.  It was an overwhelming success which platooned Slice onto the local radar, becoming the go-to establishment for all things Pizza in Corstorphine with the launch deal becoming a firm favourite each Thursday thereafter! 


Our approach was simple, create a brand that stands out and who doesn’t love pizza, right?  

Our partnership with Slice was an unexpected but welcomed delight, providing us with a blank canvas to completely develop the brand.  There were so many ideas going around the houses though we didn’t want Slice to fall into the category of a stereotypical pizza shop. We wanted it to be so much more. We channeled in on the success of the opening night launch.  Following an abundance of positive feedback, the tagline “The Friendly Pizza People” was established.  It was from there we began to develop the concept of a local quality pizza place which could be loved by every generation.  


We then recognised the need for Slice to have their own platform for direct orders.  Whilst the big-name online food ordering apps are perhaps deemed essential to any take-away business, we identified a need to cut out the middleman and save on high commission costs by concentrating on direct orders.  An e-commerce website allows Slice to take back control of their brand, regulate specific deals and exclusively launch new products.  It also provides a mechanism for capturing repeat customers as well as tracking trends.  


Through our client partnership with Slice we were able to capture every product they have to offer as it was prepared, fresh from the oven!  Therefore every product on Slice’s website is true to what the customer receives, avoiding the need for any overused stock images. 

So we now have a website, but how do we change customer behaviour over to ordering direct when we have all become so accustomed to using food apps?  We needed a hook.  After various conversations with Slice and having reviewed what local competitors were offering, we put forward our plans. 7-day deals launched, bespoke deals catered to individuals, couples and families, available 7 days a week, exclusive to the website only.
It was important to make the deals available exclusively to the website. The aim was to encourage more people to order direct, which would mean any revenue generated remained within the business, as opposed to giving a large percentage away to the large food ordering platforms.

Since launching at the end of August, Slice have received a mass amount of direct orders through their e-commerce website and have customers returning for a slice of their daily deals!


See what the guys have to offer this week and order direct at www.slice-edinburgh.co.uk