One of the hardest parts of starting any business is convincing people to take a chance on you especially when you’re in the very early stages of your growth (trust me us it’s not easy). Step forward Smart Gas Solutions. 

Like ourselves back in 2019, Smart Gas were in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey and as such, were looking for an agency who could understand and share the vision they had for their business, someone who could showcase their brand in the right light and someone who knew Edinburgh and the surrounding areas to which they served. (We know just the person).

Back then MB’s one-man-band  (Barrie), stepped forward with a pitch that he felt would be great for Smart Gas. It involved a social strategy that was currently non-existent, an overhaul of a very basic and tired website, and best of all, dedication to marketing the Smart Gas brand as if it was our own.
With it being our first trade client and having never marketed a heating company before, it was important to look at what others were doing, what worked for them but most importantly, we wanted to ensure that WE WERE DIFFERENT. Over time we met with Boiler reps from brands such as Worcester, Ideal, and Valliant to understand what assets were available, what did they have that we didn’t?

What exactly is it that makes their brands the right brands for Smart Gas Solutions? The meetings were extensive (and may I add very worthwhile). It was almost as if we’d be able to get the overalls and do the job with the boys (well maybe not quite).

With the website launched, a social strategy that consistently delivers and marketing taken care of each month, David and Mark (Directors of the Smart Gas Solutions) have been able to focus on the other aspects of growing their brand.

As we enter 2021, we are proud to still be part of the Smart Gas journey. One that will see us continue to help develop their brand with the implementation of new services, the marketing of new offers, and the continuation of an excellent partnership. 

You can find out more about Smart Gas Solutions and the work they do by visiting their website